INCISIVE project

Data Sharing Portal

Do you want to share health data with the research community?

Sharing health data through the INCISIVE platform aims to answer the challenge of health data availability including cancer imaging data needed to drive the development of trustworthy AI tools that support accurate and prompt diagnosis as well as prediction and follow-up of cancer.

You can share your data through the INCISIVE platform and make it available to the broader research community for AI-related training and experimentation. Our hybrid storage platform enables you to share your data in a federated and/or centralized manner, depending on your preference. Both ways are compliant with legal, ethical, privacy and security requirements allowing you to understand and track the usage of your data.

Are you looking for health data to use for your work?

Whether you are a Healthcare Professional, an AI developer or a medical researcher, INCISIVE offers different possibilities of data use to you:

  • Search for and find data of interest for you based on specific data queries
  • Develop, train and validate AI models using a centralised and/or federated learning approach (depending on your preference and where the data is stored)
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